- How can I receive one of your Tattoo eBooks?

In order to receive one of our Tattoo eBooks, you just have to click on the download link that your receive on your inkbox.

- What is a "TATTOO FLASH"?

A "Flash Tattoo" This is an original drawing in our eBook created according to the inspiration of an artist and not following the order of a customer. You can choose a flash from all our designs and then use this pattern for your tattoo.

- Is it possible to customize a drawing of the heading "FLASH TATTOO"?

If you have spotted one or more drawings that you like and inspire you to create your next tattoo drawing, you can customize a drawing.

All you have to do is go through our main site dedicated to drawing customization and make a project request. You can also edit it directly with the Tattoo Artist.


- How to do if the download of my digital drawing does not launch after my purchase?

Following a purchase of a drawing in digital format, you made the payment but the download does not start. Just make an email to info@tattoodesignstock.com noting the reference of your order and we will send you an email containing the document.

- Do you have a promotion code, if I order today?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@tattoodesignstock.com. If we will send you the best promo code currently valid.

- I can not find the answers to my questions ...

No worries we will help you, just contact us at the following email address info@tattoodesignstock.com.

Our support will answer you as soon as possible.


Maingriz Team,